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db_awards, gohan_stills, kikyou_stills, and pgsm_awards will all be on HIATUS until January 2, 2006. As some people may know, my life hasn't been that splendid over the last couple of weeks. Want some good reasons?

1. This is my first Christmas without my grandma. We were extremely close. My mom was always at work or at school (college) when I was little, so my grandma basically raised me. Thanksgiving was hard, and I know the rest of this month will be even harder. I'm dreading February the most though...her birthday...as well as mine. We always celebrated together.

2. My computer crashed. Then I got the computer back. Then it crashed again after a few days. I'm now on a new computer without my files, because my files are on my external hard drive. Uploading the files will take eternity. x_x

3. I have pnemonia.

4. Finals are coming up.

5. I have several tests before those finals.

6. No inspiration.

Also, the schedule will now run MONDAY TO MONDAY instead of Friday to Friday. Friday's too busy of a night anymore for me, and I don't want to abuse these icontests more than I have to. Voting as well as contests will be posted on Mondays at 9 PM Central time. Winners will be announced on Wednesdays at 9 PM Central time.

I hope you guys understand. I really hate abusing these icontests so much...
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